And they’re off! Student election campaigns now underway

It’s that time again: the UVSS student election campaign period has begun, as Connect UVic and Energize UVic launch their respective campaigns for UVSS Board of Directors, UVic Senate, and UVic Board of Governors. Both slates’ Facebook pages are now active, and Energize UVic has even built its own website. Full candidate platforms are also… Read more »

Trump’s ‘war on science’: Just ask Canada

On Jan. 25, President Donald Trump announced a temporary media and funding black-out that effectively gagged federal science agencies (including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Health Department) and clenching research grants in a big neoliberal fist. This ‘war on science’ has perked the ears of Canadians, who haven’t yet forgotten the Harper… Read more »

Clash of Clubs’ future in question after board amends policy

A new amendment to UVSS policy designed to prevent preferential treatment of clubs and course unions has roused concerns about free speech and political discourse. The amendment, passed at the Board of Directors meeting on Monday, Feb. 6, seems benign in its wording: “In the interest of fairness to all clubs, the Board shall not… Read more »

Campus shuts down as snowpocalypse hits Victoria

It was history in the making on Wednesday as UVic was forced to close campus after excessive snowfall plunged the Greater Victoria area into a whiteout. Snow had been on the ground for a couple of days prior, and some wondered if a snow day was incoming if it continued. The official UVic Twitter account… Read more »

UVic study challenges conventional sex work narrative

A new UVic study reveals sex work as an occupational choice, challenging the stigma that entry into the adult industry is by “predisposing factors beyond sex workers’ control,” reads the paper published with Sage Publishing on Jan. 30. Funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the study found that sex workers—like most workers—choose to enter… Read more »

Letters—Feb. 9

Re: “Let the students edit,” Jan. 26 Dear Editor, The editorial is quite surprising to read, since I was always under the assumption that peer edited work was always supported by educational institutions (since the creative writing department at Camosun College actively encourages workshops between stu- dents). This Policy on Academic Integrity amendment definitely seems… Read more »

Lift the ban on discussion

Standing against injustice starts in the classroom Last Monday, Jan. 30, I sat down for my morning lecture with an expectation: a discussion about Islamophobia. I’m an undergraduate member of the Humanities, and I’m used to topics of injustice surfacing in the classroom. I’m referencing Islamophobia hidden under the guise of the seven-nation travel ban… Read more »