Your guide to all things playoff baseball

As September cools, we have the perfect suggestion for a midterm distraction: playoff baseball! There’s tons of excitement and camaraderie surrounding the post-season, and given the likelihood that the Jays will be in the playoffs, wouldn’t it be nice to be a part of that conversation? We know that getting into a new sport can… Read more »

UVic Mobile app still has a ways to go

This summer, UVic released an updated version of their mobile app that connects new and current students to campus life. After the latest update in 2013, students have been waiting for a new way to check their My Page information on a mobile device that doesn’t leave stuff cut off with the screen. And for… Read more »

News Briefs — Sept. 22

INCLUSIVE BATHROOM SIGNAGE ON THE WAY UVic announced on Sept. 2 that it would be fitting more than 75 single-stall washrooms on campus with gender-neutral signage by the end of October. The signs are part of UVic’s “continuing commitment to meet the needs of a diverse campus community,” according to an article published in the… Read more »

Streeters: We asked you about new gender-inclusive washrooms

At the end of October, more than 75 single-stall washrooms across campus will be posted with new signs to indicate a gender-inclusive facility. How do you feel about the gender-inclusive signs, and what else would you like to see UVic do to support the diverse communities around campus? “I think that the single-stall washrooms with… Read more »

Let’s stop hating on pumpkin spice

Sarah Finley is a contributing writer at The Peak, Simon Fraser University’s student paper. This article was originally published on Sept. 12. BURNABY — It’s not often that I find myself defending corporations and their capitalist ploys, but when I read Brian Hickey’s article in the PhillyVoice titled “Enough with the pumpkin-spice craze, sheeple” — yes, Hickey really used the… Read more »

Stories Without Borders: Part Three

In collaboration with the World University Service of Canada (WUSC), the Martlet presents Stories Without Borders, a feature telling the stories of students who have come to UVic through the Student Refugee Program (SRP). By sharing the stories of these students, we hope to dispel myths about newcomers and the newcomer experience. In the interest… Read more »

Computer science professor speaks out after incident

Nearly a week after an incident that saw him removed from campus and subjected to a disciplinary investigation, Jianping Pan has spoken out to give his side of the story that inspired widespread controversy both on campus and within the local community. In several emails to the Martlet between Sept. 12 and Sept. 15, Pan reiterated… Read more »